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The Covey Connection

Welcome to The Covey!

As you arrive at Rancho Sisquoc, it’s common to see a spirited covey of quail playing along the olive trees or in the fields that flank the drive to the winery. Families of quail join each other and form a community for a certain time, then go their separate ways until next time.

We have been affectionately referring to our Rancho Sisquoc Wine Club as The Covey for some time. Our club members come together here to socialize, enjoy wine and food, and interact with other Rancho Sisquoc club members and friends. Those further away meet and socialize over their favorite bottle of Rancho Sisquoc wine, perhaps remembering a time or occasion that ties them back to the ranch. We are happy that this has become a gathering place for so many people for over 50 years. So we’ve decided to formalize “The Covey” as a concept and adopt the quail as our official Rancho Sisquoc club mascot.

We often talk about the importance of storytelling, an oral tradition as old as humanity. It is integral to a community. It’s how histories and knowledge are passed down through generations. At Rancho Sisquoc we love telling a tale and perhaps spinning a yarn from time to time. We also like hearing your Sisquoc stories.

The stories we hear from members of The Covey wine club remind us that many of you have rich histories here as well. We would love to hear your stories, tall-tales, and feedback from you regarding your interests. Are you more interested in pairings, ranch updates, winemaking processes, or does something else pique your interest? Please let us know. The Covey Connection will provide a place to exchange ideas, stories, and to otherwise engage with each other. We want each of you to be a yarn that, when weaved together, forms the fabric that is the spirit of Rancho Sisquoc.


 Craig Wood, Wine Club Manager